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Smart Sourcing Guide Step 5: How to Engage Candidates with Paycor Smart Sourcing

This is Step 5 in the process to setup and use Paycor Smart Sourcing for Recruiting. 


  • Paycor Smart Sourcing:
    • Creates a candidate target list,
    • Contacts those candidates, and
    • Invites them to express interest in the job.
  • This list includes both active candidates looking for a new job and passive candidates who may not be in the market.  
  • The email campaign reaches out to candidates up to 2 times to inspire interest (will send out second email if first email is opened)

Here’s how it works:

  1. Paycor Smart Sourcing sends an email to the Qualified candidate with the link to the Job Description. 
  2. If interested, the candidate enters their contact details and clicks:

I’m interested:

I am not interested:

Candidates who are not interested are presented with the following reasons to select why: 

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Give feedback about this article
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