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Recruiting: Resetting Passwords and Unlocking Accounts

Describes how to reset a password and how to unlock a locked password.

Review these situations to unlock accounts in Paycor Recruiting: 

Situation Description / Action
I don't remember my password.
  • On the login page, click Forgot Password? to send yourself an email with a new password.
  • If that doesn't work for whatever reason, your administrator can reset a password for your user account.
I've been locked out!
  • You can get locked out if you type in an incorrect password too many times, or if an administrator locks your account out manually.
  • To get unlocked, contact your internal administrator. Per our security policy, Support cannot unlock standard user accounts, and instead refers you to your internal administrator.
How an Admin unlocks a user
  • As an Admin you can unlock any user within your company.
  • You can also take the opposite action locking and inactivating a user.
  • To unlock a user, navigate to Admin > Users > specific User> and click the toggle to Unlocked


  • Sometimes Support receives emails from Hiring Managers such as, Help, I forgot my password or  I'm locked out of my account.
  • Support sends the messages to the administrator at your company, or directs them to use the Don't know your password? link.
  • Per our Terms of Service with your company, and per our Security Policy, Support cannot reset passwords or unlock accounts for standard users.

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Give feedback about this article
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