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Recruiting: Offer Approval Setup Guide

Offer Approval - Setup Guide

What is Offer Approval, and how do I use it?

  • Offer Approval is an optional feature that adds an email-driven workflow where Recruiting users can submit a candidate's offer for approval, have other stakeholders review it, and then approve or deny that offer.
  • Refer to the Offer Approval Introduction page for a full overview and explanation of Offer Approval.
  • This is a setup guide for Admins to customize the process.

How do I customize Offer Approval for my Organization?

  • Navigate to Admin > Approvals. All Offer Approval settings are shown in the Offer Approval section.
  • The Offer Approval section has these settings:
  • Approval Managers
  • Standard Approval Process(es)
  • Offer Approval Form
  • Offer Approval Request Email

Approval Managers

  • When someone requests an offer, it is sent to an Approval Manager to initiate the approval process. Only Admins or Staffing Users can be Approval Managers, but anyone can be an Approver.
  • Click Default Approval Managers or Add Approval Manager to assign Admins / Staffing Users.
  • For Per-User Approval Managers, click Is an Approval Manager for these people to assign Standard Users for the manager. The red X deletes the entry.

Standard Approval Processes

  • After submitting an offer for approval, an Approval Manager initiates the actual approval process by sending it to out to users designated as Approvers. Instead of selecting the Approvers individually each and every time, you can set up approval processes ahead of time!
  • One common way of setting up approval processes is by department. For instance, if all Sales offers must be approved by the Director of Sales, Vice President of Sales, then the Finance Manager, build that in as an approval process! Then, you can easily select this "template" of Approvers when you have a Sales offer that must be approved.
  • Recruiting supports both Easy - All at once and Sequential - One at a time for approval processes.
  • Click Create an Approval Process or the name of an existing process.

Provide a Name and select the Process Type for the Offer Approval Process. When ready, click Create.

Offer Approval Form

  • When users request a new Offer Approval, they are asked to fill out a form. You can customize this form with optional and required fields.
  • Click and drag fields to where you want the new field to appear.
Important: Choose the name of the field carefully.It cannot be edited later without completely deleting the field and all associated information.

If you already have a document-based process, moving it to Recruiting is easy. Click Upload a Document and check the box to require that people provide documentation. You can set up a fully electronic process later.

Offer Approval Request Email

When the approval process has started, Approvers receive this email when their input is required. Change the template as necessary, and remember to use Auto-Fill Tokens to make life easier!

Offer Letters

Once you're all set with Offer Approval, don't forget to take advantage of Recruiting: Offer Letters Setup. These features work together to make the offer process easy in Recruiting.

If you have any questions, reach out to the Recruiting support team.

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