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Recruiting: Interview Scheduling with Interview Rooms

How to add Interview Rooms and schedule interviews in the Interview Scheduler.



  • Look up interview room availability and reserve time in those rooms in the Recruiting: Interview Scheduling 
  • Before you can schedule Interview Rooms in the Interview Scheduler, you must add the Interview Rooms into Recruiting so you can look up availability and book them.
  1. As an administrator, go to Admin > Interview > Interview Rooms.
  2. Click Create an Interview Room.
  3. Enter the interview room's Email Address and Room Name and then click Save. Your new interview room will be available to be pulled in when you're scheduling interviews.

Note: Use the email address of the room resource. If you are unsure what this is, contact your IT team.

Pro-Tip: You can also add a new room on-the-fly from the room selector in the Interview Scheduler by clicking Create a New Room.


After you set up your Interview Rooms in Recruiting, you can include those interview rooms when building the interview itinerary.
Review the availability and book time on the room's calendar just like you do for a human interviewer.
You can either add an interview room per individual meeting, or add the same interview room to all meetings comprising the full interview at once.

  1. To add an Interview Room meeting-by-meeting, click the "+Room" button within the row pertaining to a single meeting:

  2. To add the same Interview room to all meetings at once, click the "+Add an Interview Room" button (above the rows of meetings): 

After you finish scheduling the interview, a calendar hold is placed on the interview rooms' calendars, just like with your human interviewers.

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Give feedback about this article
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