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Recruiting: Interview Scheduling - Introduction

Read this article to learn about the Interview Scheduling feature in Paycor Recruiting.


  • Innovative and reliable features make Interview Scheduling the most modern and deeply integrated scheduling tool in the ATS industry. 
  • We integrate directly with Microsoft Outlook and Google Gmail to provide next-level efficiency.
  • You do not need a third-party tool or an integrated partner. We make it easy to set up, and there is little IT support required.
  • Additionally, you can Add Zoom Meetings with Interview Scheduler to easily add Zoom meeting links to all of your scheduled interviews.
    • At this time, the only integrated third-party tool for conducting virtual interviews is Zoom. We do not have an integration with Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, or Skype.
    • You can update existing coworker and candidate invitation templates (or create brand new invitation templates) for your unintegrated virtual meetings by going to Admin > Message Templates > New User Templates > your coworker and candidate templates. In the body of the template, either drop the static link or leave a placeholder for the unique URL of the meeting created in your auxiliary resource.
  • After you've updated your invitation template or created a new one, make sure to go to your gear icon (upper right corner of your page) > Message Settings > My Templates > Restore Default Templates > Restore Default Templates button. This will refresh your deck of communications and give you the updated templates.

Efficiency and Consistent Communication

  • Seamlessly check your interviewers' schedules from Recruiting
  • Build interview teams and check their free / busy time slots
  • Send out invitations, or build your own to include interview guides or templates
  • Invite the candidate with custom email templates to include maps, instructions, etc.

Invitation Responses

  • Recruiting is the only ATS that alerts you when interviewers accept or decline
  • Home tab notifications provide visual confirmation at a glance
  • Reschedule interviews by clicking a button and adjusting, rather than starting over


For information on how to use Interview Scheduling, see Interview Scheduling Step-by-Step Guide.


  • Interview Scheduling can be activated by any admin user, but we must have some quick IT setup on your end.
  • Start by downloading this Interview Scheduling Setup Guide with setup instructions for Office365, Microsoft Exchange and Google calendars. 


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Give feedback about this article
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