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Recruiting: How to Inactivate or Lock a User

Describes how to inactivate a user.

When an employee leaves your company, you should inactivate their account.


  • You must be an Administrator or Staffing users to perform this task. 
  • Staffing Users cannot Inactivate an Administrator but they can Inactivate another Staffing User.

Follow these steps to inactivate a user:

  1. In Recruiting, click Admin and then click the Users tab.
  2. Locate the User you want to inactivate and click their name to open their user record. The User Details screen appears. 
  3. In the lower left corner under User Status and Login, update these fields:
    • Login: Click the radio button next to Locked.
    • Status: Click the radio button next to Inactive.


  • Inactivating a user removes them from all jobs.
  • You cannot inactivate a user who is the only Hiring Manager on a job. To work around this, replace the hiring manager with another user, and then deactivate the former Hiring Manager. 

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Give feedback about this article
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