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Recruiting: Echo All Emails - Set Up Email Responses to Flow Back into Recruiting

Describes Echo and setting up all emails to flow back into Recruiting.

What is the Echo All Emails Feature?

  • Echo All Emails allows you to centralize all communications between you, your hiring managers, and your candidates in Recruiting.
  • We created Echo to speed up email response times and ensure that important messages don’t get lost within one person’s email inbox.
  • Use use Echo to capture replies to messages sent to candidates or anyone inside or outside of your organization.

How do I turn Echo on?

  • Echo settings can be configured by administrators.
  • Go to Admin > Company Settings > Echo Email User Settings. Here, you can determine if you want Echo to be enabled for all emails or only emails sent to internal employees (Turn Echo off when emailing candidates).
  • Separately, Review Requests have settings to turn Echo on and off as well.


  • After making any changes here, be sure to click the APPLY TO ALL USERS button. This overrides settings that appear at the user level.
  • Individual users can update their own preferences under the Gear icon in Recruiting by selecting Email Settings.

Do the Information Request Emails Use Echo?

  • Yes, Echo is enabled for Information Request emails as well.
  • This feature is used to send a candidate a follow-up application. If they have questions, the candidate can reply to the email captured in Recruiting.

When do Echo Emails Expire?

  • Echo emails expire after 90 days.
  • They also expire when a candidate is rejected or the job is marked as closed or filled.
  • After an email expires, anyone who replies to it receives an automated response asking them to contact the HR corporate address.
  • Emails can also be manually expired by clicking the ellipses icon next to the message in the Newsfeed where it was sent. Manually expiring messages is a good idea to prevent people from spamming that email address or replying to an outdated email exchange.

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