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Recruiting: Custom Hiring Processes

Common Concerns:

  • The default hiring process stages work well enough for my team, but they aren't an accurate representation of our hiring workflow.
  • My team completes background checks on candidates as part of the hiring process, but the sequencing in the system doesn't mirror how our team does things.
  • Some of the positions we hire require different steps when evaluating candidates. 

The new Hiring Process features give your team the ability to create customized hiring processes that better reflect your hiring workflows. After creating a custom hiring process you can assign it to individual job records, allowing your team to accurately reflect how your hiring workflows may differ from job to job. Additionally, your team can take advantage of added flexibility in your custom hiring processes with the new Background Check stage.

Create A Hiring Processes

  1. As an Admin or Staffing user you can navigate to Admin > Job Management > Hiring Process to create, edit, and manage your hiring processes in the system
  2. By default, you will begin on the Create a New Process form
  3. Enter a Process Title.
  4. The Process Title for each hiring process must be unique. You will be prevented from saving a hiring process with a duplicate Process Title.
  5. Review the list of default stages in the hiring process and determine if you'd like to disable any stages
  6. Click the menu icon in a stage you like to disable, then click the Disable option
  7. You can enable a disabled stage by clicking the menu icon again, then clicking Enable
  8. You can create Custom Stages and Statuses when creating or updating a Hiring Process by clicking the blue + icon in-between each Default Stage in the Hiring Process Form.
  9. You can reorder any Stage in a Hiring Process. There are two methods to move a Stage to another location in the Hiring Process
  10. You can drag-and-drop the Stage Card to the desired location in the Hiring Process
  11. Alternatively, you can click the menu icon in the Stage Card, then click either Move Up or Move Down
  12. Click the Save button to confirm your changes and create the custom hiring process

Manage Your Hiring Processes

  1. Your list of available hiring processes will be displayed in the Enabled Processes section on the left-hand toolbar. You can select an enabled hiring process to view the stages and sequencing for that custom hiring processNOTE: You can only edit a hiring process if it is not yet associated with a job in the system. This limitation is to ensure data validity for the candidates associated with your various job records.
  2. You can Disable a hiring process that your team no longer wants to use in the system. Disabled hiring processes will not be available for selection when creating new job records, or when selecting the Default Hiring Process for your company account.
  3. Select the desire hiring process from the list of Enabled Processes, click the menu icon in the Edit Hiring Process bar, then click DisableNOTE: You cannot disable a hiring process if it is designated as the Default Hiring Process for your company account
  4. Disabled hiring processes will be displayed in the Disabled Processes section on the left-hand toolbar
  5. You can enable a disabled hiring process by clicking the menu icon in the Edit Hiring Process bar, then clicking Enable
  6. Taking these steps will immediately add the hiring process back to your list of Enabled Processes
  7. You can select the Settings tab to view/modify the Default Hiring Process selection for your company account
  8. The selected Default Hiring Process will be auto-populated in the Hiring Process field on your job records when you create a new job or submit a new job approval request.
  9. You can modify the selection in the Hiring Process field prior to job activation.

Assign Hiring Processes to Jobs:

  1. Each job record now features the Hiring Process field
  2. The Hiring Process field is visible and editable when you access the Create a Job tab or the Request Job Approval tab
  3. The hiring process designated as the Default Hiring Process will populate in the field automatically, but you can modify this selection at any time prior to activation.
  4. Once a job is activated, the selected hiring process will be visible in the Job Info window
  5. You can modify the Hiring Process selection for a given job record at any time. Any candidates that are currently in a status that is not present in the new hiring process will be moved back to their original status (e.g., Job Seeker). Any actions that were taken on the candidate before this update will be tracked in the candidate newsfeed.
  6. The selection in the Hiring Process field will be reflected in key areas throughout the system, including the Active Jobs Dashboard and the status bar in any associated candidate records

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Give feedback about this article
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