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Recruiting: Agency Manager Overview

Overview of the Agency Manager.


  • This feature allows external agencies and recruiters to add candidates into Recruiting while keeping your hiring process safe and secure.
  • How does it help?
    • Agent Accounts: Agents can be invited to sign up for a special Recruiting account with limited access. They must be approved to access each job. Otherwise, jobs remain completely hidden.
    • Limited Viewing Rights: Candidates are protected from poaching! Agents cannot see other candidates even if they are approved for the job. They can only review status for candidates they submit.
    • Representation: Track your organization's decisions on valid candidate submissions by accepting or denying representation directly on the Recruiting candidate record.
  • Who can use this feature?
    • Admins and Staffing Users: Can set up agencies and approve jobs.
    • Standard Users: Can be given the right to accept or decline representation.
    • All regular Recruiting Users: Those assigned to the job can work with candidates from agencies.


Agency Manager Expert Session: 


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Give feedback about this article
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