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Recruiting: Video Interviewing with Spark Hire Guide

Video Interviewing with Spark Hire Guide


Using the integration between Paycor and SparkHire, you're able to:

  • Invite candidates to complete one-way video interviews directly in Paycor Recruiting
  • Watch and share video interviews in a single click from Paycor Recruiting

 Getting Started

  • If you haven't already, your company will need to purchase a Spark Hire account. You can connect with a Spark Hire representative by visiting the Paycor Marketplace: Spark Hire Video Interviewing.
  • Once you've purchased a Spark Hire account, please reach out to the Recruiting Support Team. Recruiting Support will enable the Video Interviewing feature for you in Paycor Recruiting.


  • In Spark Hire:
    • Log into your user account in Spark Hire.
    • Navigate to Settings > Integration > Paycor.
    • Click Activate Integration.
    • Your User API Key will be generated. Copy this key.
      • If you are not an Admin user in Paycor Recruiting, please share your API Key with your Admin so they can take the next steps on your behalf.
  • In Paycor Recruiting:
    • Log into your Admin user account on Paycor Recruiting.
    • Navigate to Admin > Company Settings > Integrations > Video Interviewing.  
  • Toggle the Spark Hire Integration field ON, then click save.  
  • Click Add Users, select the relevant users, and click save.  
  • Paste the users’ Spark Hire User API Keys into the correspond field and save your settings.  


  • The Spark Hire users you've configured in Recruiting can now set up your job records to facilitate sending video interview requests your candidates.
  • Open a job record, then click the More Info button to access the Job Info window.
  • Locate the Video Interviewing section. 
  • Click Link Job to Spark Hire to link the job record to a corresponding job in Spark Hire.
    • After establishing the connection, you can follow the link in Recruiting to log into Spark Hire and review the job record there. 
  • Click Question Set to select the desired set of questions to ask your candidates during their video interviews, then click save.
    • You can modify the question set selection at any time.
    • You can create or modify the available question sets in Spark Hire.


  • You are now ready to send Spark Hire video interview requests to your candidates from Recruiting!
  • Sending a Video Interview Request
    • Open a candidate record, then select the Video Interview tab.   
    • Click the Request Video Interview button.
    • An Expiration Date is required for all video interview requests. The system will default to the date to one week from today. You can modify this selection at your discretion.
      • A video interview request that is not completed by the candidate ahead of the defined Expiration Date will be automatically expired at midnight on that date.   
    • Click Send Request.   
    • The candidate will receive an invitation email from Spark Hire, allowing them to accept and proceed with their video interview process.
      • The candidate will create their own personal user account in Spark Hire as part of this process.
    • The Video Interview Requested item will be added to the candidate's newsfeed for tracking purposes.
    • Additional status updates will populate into the candidate's newsfeed as the candidate proceeds through the video interview process in Spark Hire.
  • Canceling a Video Interview Request
    • If you would like to cancel a pending video interview request, you can do so by navigating to the Video Interview tab in the candidate record.   
    • Click the Cancel Request link.   
    • Click the Yes, Cancel Request button in the Cancel Video Interview Request window.   
    • The candidate will receive an email notification, indicated their video interview request has been canceled.
    • The Video Interview Canceled item will be added to the candidate's newsfeed for tracking purposes.
    • You can proceed with sending a new video interview request to the candidate at this time from the Video Interview tab.
  • Viewing a Completed Video Interview Request
    • Once the candidate completes their video interview, Spark Hire will send those updates over to the candidate record in Recruiting.
    • Navigate to the Video Interview tab to review the Video Interview Complete status.   
    • The Video Interview Completed item will be added to the candidate's newsfeed for tracking purposes.
    • Click the View Completed Interview button to open a new window where you can view the candidate's recorded video interview.   


  • Can you send a candidate another video interview request after they've completed the first one?
    • You cannot send the candidate a second video interview request from Recruiting after they've already completed a video interview. If you need to take this action for a particular candidate, then you can send them a request directly from Spark Hire. Please note the status of the second video interview request will not be tracked in Recruiting.
  • Why can't all of my users configure the job record and send video interview requests to candidates?
    • Spark Hire requires any user taking actions in Recruiting that will impact corresponding records in Spark Hire must have a linked user account in Spark Hire.
    • Please note, that any member of your hiring team with access to the candidate record can view the completed video interview recordings, whether or not they have a linked Spark Hire user account.
    • If you need to provision additional users in Spark Hire, please reach out to the Spark Hire Support team for further assistance.
  • Why do I need to indicate a 'Primary User' when setting up the Spark Hire integration in the Recruiting admin portal?
    • A primary Spark Hire user must be selected to ensure video interview status updates are correctly added to the candidate record. You can change the selected user at any time.
    • We recommend selecting the main Spark Hire user at your organization as the 'Primary User'.

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