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Recruiting: Offer Approval Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Troubleshooting

FAQ about the Offer Approval feature and Troubleshooting issue.

Offer Approval FAQ and Troubleshooting

1. How will this change Recruiting?

  • The Offer button in your account will be replaced with a Request Offer Approval button.

2. Can Admin/Staffing Users approve offers for other people?

  • Yes:
    • If you want to approve an offer on behalf of someone, navigate to the Offer Approval record then click the person’s name in the Approval Bar.

3. Can we skip the Approval Process?

  • Admin and Staffing Users can skip the approval process after a request has been submitted. You can do this by just clicking Skip Approval during the Select an Approval Process prompt.

4. I am a Standard User and I cannot see all the offers in the Approval Process. Why?

  • For security reasons, only Admin/Staffing Users can see all the offers in the Approval process. If you are a Standard User not selected as an approver for the offer, it is hidden from you.

5. Do I have to log into Recruiting to approve or deny an offer?

  • No:
  • We have a feature called ECHO, where just by replying #Approve or #Deny to the approval request email, Recruiting automatically adjusts the Offer Approval process accordingly.

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