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Recruiting: Minimum Qualification Questions

Describes the Minimum Qualification Questions you can add to the application process for any position.

1. What are Minimum Qualification questions?

  • Otherwise known as knockout questions, these can be added to the application process for any number of your positions.
  • If an applicant’s answer does not match the Acceptable Answer to a question, they are inactivated systematically for not meeting the Minimum Qualifications associated with the position.

2. How do I set up Minimum Qualification Questions?

  • Go to Admin > EEO/OFCCP > Settings and check the box next to the Ask Minimum Qualification Questions field.
  • Next, click Create Edit Minimum Qualification Questions and Add a Minimum Qualification Question.
  • Then Recruiting asks you to enter the Question and the Acceptable Answer.
  • You must also include a Reason for Non-Selection—it is used automatically on a candidate who chooses the wrong answer.
  • To add a Minimum Qualification Question to be enabled by default on a new job, mark the checkbox in the On by Default column.

3. How do I edit or delete Minimum Qualification Questions?

  • Hover your mouse over the question and then click Edit or Delete button.

4. How do I associate Minimum Qualification Questions with jobs?

  • When you are activating a new job, in the last step, select Minimum Qualification Questions.
  • You can also select Minimum Qualification Questions on an existing job:
  • If your organization has many questions, enter text into the Filter Min Quals search field to narrow the results.

5. Do candidates receive an alert when they are inactivated automatically?

  • Recruiting does not automatically notify the candidate of their disqualification.
  • The candidate will be sent to the Pending Thank You Letters area.
    • From that section, their final rejection communication can be sent.

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Give feedback about this article
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