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Recruiting: Logos and Videos Frequently Asked Questions

This article contains frequently asked questions (FAQs) about where to place logos and videos in Paycor Recruiting and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

1. Where can I place logos?

  • There are two items that support logos:
    • Offer Letter Templates
      • Logos can be added to the header and footer in the Word document template.
    • Careers Page
      • If your team is using a Paycor-hosted Careers Page, our team can add a logo to two places:
        • The upper left corner of the page:
  • Your team must host the image and send the URL to
  • The recommended height of the image should be 50 pixels. The image must be sized first, then hosted.
  • The browser tab icon (favicon):
Note: Your team must host the image and send the URL to
Important: If your team is using an iframe to display content on your Careers page, your web or IT team controls all the branding and images on your site. 

2. Where should I not place logos?

  • We do not recommend adding logos to the following places:
    • Signatures
      • Corporate or personal
    • Message Templates
      • Corporate or personal
      • Email or text
    • Job Descriptions
      • Images placed within job descriptions will appear on your Careers page but will not pass in the feed to the job boards.
      • Logos can typically be added to company pages on the job boards to reinforce your branding.

3. Can I add videos to the Recruiting platform? 

  • No, the Recruiting platform does not support promotional marketing videos.

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Give feedback about this article
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