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Recruiting: How to Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) Generated Job Descriptions

This article contains steps on how to create artificial intelligence (AI) generated job descriptions.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated job descriptions helps:

  • Reduce time required to create job descriptions
  • Increase qualified candidate applications with engaging job descriptions
  • Improve accuracy and grammar of job descriptions

It is available to all Paycor Recruiting clients.

Smart Sourcing Job Descriptions Tips has information on creating effective job descriptions as well as examples of effective and ineffective job descriptions.


  1. You can access the AI Job Descriptions generator through five different entry points. They are:
    • In Recruiting, go to Home > Draft Jobs then select a job title from the list:

    • In Recruiting, go to Home > Drafts then select a job title from the list:
    • In Recruiting, go to Admin > Job Management then select Job Templates tab:
    • In Recruiting, go to Home > Create a Job:
    • In Recruiting, go to Home > Request Job Approval:
  2. Complete the required fields to create a job.
    Important: You must enter a Job Title at a minimum to access the Generate button in Build an AI-Powered Job Description.
    • In the example below, the Generate button is greyed out, and there is a note under the Job Title field advising that the field is required.
    • In the example below, the Job Title has been added and the Generate button is active.
  3. To generate an AI-powered Job Description, click Generate.
    • A modal displays suggesting that you add skills to improve the quality of the generated job description.
      • To add skills, click No, Add Skills. Enter the skills under Specific Skills and click Generate again.
        • Note: Use a comma or press Enter to separate skills as you type them.
        • To continue without skills, click Yes, Continue. The AI Job Description Generator will insert recommended skills based on the Job Title entered.

          When AI-generated job description is complete, it looks like this:
  4. When all required fields are completed, the Next button is enabled. To post the job, click Next.


  • To minimize the Build an AI-Powered Job Description component to view the job description in full screen, click the caret icon.

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Give feedback about this article
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