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Recruiting: How to Set up Internal Job Listings with an iFrame

Describes how to set up an internal jobs listing page using an iFrame in Paycor Recruiting.

There are several advantages to using Recruiting's Internal Job Postings and internal application process to facilitate internal hiring:

  • With Recruiting's Internal Jobs iFrame, it's easier than ever to create an internal job listing where all jobs marked as internal can be found.
  • You can implement the iFrame on an internal site to create a central location where all employees can look for new job opportunities in your organization
  • Candidates who apply for a job using the internal job iFrame are automatically marked as an Internal Applicant and see the internal application (assuming you have one set up).

How to Set Up and Internal Jobs Listing Page with an iFrame:

  1. To get this set up, have your IT team add new code to the internal webpage where you want to list your internal jobs.
  2. For detailed instructions about setting this up, download the setup guide: Paycor Recruiting Job Listings Using iFrame

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Give feedback about this article
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