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Recruiting: Expert Session Video - Expand Your Brand and Improve your Reputation with Recruiting

Expand Your Brand and Improve your Reputation with Recruiting.

Here are resources to help you construct the best experience for your candidates.

Your Careers Page:

  • The career page is one of your most important opportunities to show job seekers what makes your company stand out and why they should want to work for you.
  • The online attention span of candidates is incredibly short - your page should attractengage, and convince job seekers to apply. These Recruiting features help you do this:
    • Search Engine Optimization.
    • Link to career page on all social media platforms.
    • Update and edit your Job Descriptions with helpful information.
    • Consider Sponsorship for tough to fill positions through the Recruiting Marketplace.
    • Have a clear path to your career page on your website.

Your Jobs:

If your job seekers aren’t navigating directly to your careers page to find your jobs, they’re searching for similar opportunities on leading job boards. Here are features to elevate your jobs in candidate searches:

  • Create your job descriptions to AttractEngage, and Convince potential candidates.
  • Simplify and shorten your applications.
  • Incentivize your Employees to write positive Company Reviews.
  • Refresh your job postings about every 4-6 weeks to get the most out of our free job board partners.
  • Check the job boards to make sure your jobs are being listed properly
  • Don’t rely on our Job Board Partners alone! You can post anywhere using tracking links

Your Candidate Experience:

Make the effort to have timely communication with your candidates, even the ones you have no intention of moving forward with.

Watch the Expert Session Video On-Demand: 

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Give feedback about this article
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