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Recruiting: Candidate Search - Introduction

Candidate Search - Introduction

Recruiting has a robust candidate search feature which allows users to search through the candidate database based on various criteria: search terms, stages, tags, application answers, and more! Here's how you can get started:

  1. Click the magnifying glass icon on the left side of Recruiting
  2. Select Candidate Search
  3. Enter your desired search criteria
  4. Click the Search icon


  • Remember to use a wildcard * for searching partial names. For example, you can search for Jon* to find any candidates named Jonathan.
  • The main search bar searches using OR logic on the Name, Resume, Application and Comments fields. A search for "Jason" yields candidates that have either a name containing "Jason", a resume containing the word "Jason", an application containing the word "Jason", OR comments containing the word "Jason".

For more advanced search tips, see our article on Candidate Search - Advanced Search and Boolean Operators

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Give feedback about this article
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