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Recruiting: Assign a Candidate to Another Job

Describes how to assign a candidate to another job.


  1. In Recruiting, access the candidate's record. 
  2. Next to the candidate's name, click the Info icon .
  3. Click Assign to Job, and locate the job you want to assign the candidate to (use filters if needed).
  4. Click the >> symbol. 
  5. When the prompt appears asking if you want to copy over comments and documents, click Yes.

Note: In most cases, you do want to keep the default settings. 


  • This is a copy and paste process, not cut and paste process.
  • This process creates more than one record for the candidate.
  • Recruiting always shows you when you have multiple records for the same candidate, including these warnings on the candidate's record:
    • The yellow Info icon appears. 
    • At the bottom of the resume, other candidate records appear, with a temporary message: This candidate is a possible duplicate.
  • If you are no longer considering the candidate for the original role they applied to, inactivate the candidate and select your reason as Routed to Another Position. After inactivating the candidate record for the position they originally applied to, the second record on the destination position is ready for you to status appropriately.

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Give feedback about this article
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