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Recruiting: ​​​​​​​Create a Confidential Job with Specific Security Settings

Describes how to c​​​​​​reate a confidential job with very specific security settings.


  • Sometimes you need to create a Confidential Job in Recruiting.
  • Confidential Jobs have very strict viewing rights and care must be taken when creating them.
  • For this reason it's not possible to allow someone to apply to a Confidential Job because there isn't a truly safe and secure way to manage a ghost posting.
  • Confidential Jobs and their candidates can be viewed only by:
    • Any Staffing User assigned as a Recruiter
    • Any User assigned as a Hiring Manager
    • Any Standard User assigned as an Executive or Team Member
    • All Administrators (default user right)
    • For all other users, a Confidential Job and its candidates will be completely invisible.


  • For security reasons, all candidates submitted to Confidential Jobs basically don't exist for unauthorized users (they cannot be found in any search in Recruiting, duplicating checks, etc.).
  • It is recommended that when a job is no longer sensitive, its confidentiality should be removed so those candidates can be searchable by the rest of your users.


Follow these steps to create a confidential job with specific security settings: 

  1. In Recruiting, on your Home Dashboard, use the Job Search feature to locate the job you want to make confidential.
  2. When the job appears, click the job title
  3. At the top of the screen next to the job title, click the blue i icon
  4. Click the Job Info tab, and in the Job Status section, mark the checkbox next to Confidential Job.
  • After a Confidential Job is created in Recruiting, you can then separately Post a Confidential Job on Indeed or another site you choose.
  • The candidates received from these external postings do not flow into Recruiting because they are not directed to your careers page to apply.
  • As you receive candidates from Indeed or other methods, you can use Create a Candidate to add and assign them to the Confidential Job.

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Give feedback about this article
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