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Recruiting: How to Modify a Job Description's Readability Score


Review these tips for improving the readability of a job description in Paycor Recruiting:

  • Job description length:
    • For the most part, apply rates go down for job postings that contain over 700 words. Similarly, you cannot be too brief (under 300 words).
  • Shorten your sentences: 
    • The ideal word range per sentence is between 8 and 13. Shorter sentences have a higher comprehension rate.
  • Shorten your paragraphs:
    • Try using paragraphs that are 1 to 2 sentences - they are easier to read.
  • Use simple words with fewer syllables:
    • Many Dyslexic candidates might find difficulty reading words with multiple syllables.
    • Examples of more simple words or phrases to use with fewer syllables:
Complex Word or Phrase More Simple Word to Use
Personnel Team
Is responsible for Handles
Requires or Requirement Needs to 
Regarding About, Of, On
Implement Install or Put in place
Purchase Buy
  • Avoid long paragraphs - give your candidates visual breaks:
    • Candidates often reject job descriptions that overly wordy and require scrolling through long paragraphs.
    • Write succinctly and give candidates visual breaks from long paragraphs by using:
      • Bulleted lists
      • Numbered lists
      • Symbols
      • Short section headings (About Us, Qualifications, etc.)

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Give feedback about this article
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