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Recruiting: Create a Candidate

Steps to create a candidate in Recruiting.

We try to make it as easy to add candidates to any currently open job or your generic candidate pool with multiple options. 

Follow these steps to manually add a candidate in Recruiting:

  1. At the top of Recruiting, click Create a Candidate and complete the required information fields. The candidate should be linked to either a currently active job or the Generic candidate pool (if your company uses that).
    • These fields at the top of the help you determine where the candidate originated and can be changed in a candidate's profile later if you determine a better source for them:
    • The Profile/Web page field is required and becomes a normal field when a valid email address is entered for the candidate.
  2. If you have a resume, click Upload or drag-and-drop the file into this field. 

    Note: If you click Parse, Recruiting automatically populates as many fields as possible. If the resume cannot be parsed, you must complete all required fields to create the candidate.
  3. Click Save. Add as many candidates as you want to.

    Note: Save and Clone allows you to keep the job and source information while adding many candidates.

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Give feedback about this article
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