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Recruiting: Backspace Issues in Internet Explorer 11

Describes an issue with IE 11 in Recruiting.


  • In the latest version of Internet Explorer 11, the Backspace button is a keyboard shortcut to go back to the previous page.
  • This can be problematic in Recruiting when sending e-mails, posting comments, etc.
  • To restore the Backspace Button Functionality in Recruiting (remove the browser Back functionality):
    1. In IE 11 along the task bar, while you are in the Recruiting website, click the Settings/Options icon (cog wheel), and then click Compatibility View settings. The Compatibility View Settings popup window appears. 
    2. In the Add this website: field, the web address should appear. If it does not, add and to your Compatibility View websites. 
    3. Click Add. The web address moves to the Websites you've added to Compatibility View field. 
    4. Click Close

Note: By adding Recruiting as a site in Compatibility View mode, the default behavior of the backspace acting as a keyboard shortcut for going back to the previous page are over-written.

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