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Recruiting: Interview Scorecards

Explains Interview Scorecards

This feature allow users to take notes and assign scores to potential hires! Improve the speed and accuracy of your phone screens and interviews by using scorecards to standardize the process.

How does it help?

Fast, Fair, and Consistent: Scorecards are easy for hiring managers to fill out to the HR team's exact specifications, and hiring teams can make faster decisions based on job-specific standards.

Background and Context: Some interviewers are tough while others make it easy for the candidate! Regardless of which approach is the best, hiring teams can see interviewers' historical averages to better understand their reliability in choosing a good hire.

Who can use this feature?

Admins can set up and use this feature in its entirety. Staffing Users are also able to create, edit, and remove scorecards. Standard Users can fill out scorecards when their feedback is requested.

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Give feedback about this article
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