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Paycor Recruit & Hire Overview

Paycor Recruit & Hire is designed for businesses to easily manage all aspects of filling a job role through a third-party integration with JazzHR.


Paycor Recruit & Hire is:

  • Designed so businesses can easily manage all aspects of filling a job role by:
    • Posting to dozens of job boards and social media with one click
    • Sourcing candidates and scheduling interviews
    • Communicating with your team involved in the hiring
  • Integrated with Paycor's systems, allowing leaders to find, hire, onboard, and manage employees in one platform instead of managing several platforms.
  • Powered by JazzHR, the premier small-business recruiting platform.

How Do I Activate Recruit & Hire? 


1. I have Recruit & Hire; how do I get started?

  • To activate and begin using this feature, you’ll need to activate your SSO login. Complete the following in order to access:
    • You must login with the credentials associated with your employee profile. 
    • Your first step is to access Recruit & Hire to trigger a series of emails and short onboarding videos that will walk you through the initial setup process for this solution:
      • From your Paycor account, open the Paycor menu and click People > All People > Hiring > Recruit & Hire. 


2. I don't have Recruit & Hire, but I want more information and maybe to sign up. How do I get started?

  • If you want more information or you want to purchase this service, connect with your Paycor Sales Representative directly.

Support and Resources

Information and resources are available at JazzHR Help Center

If you need support with the system:

How Do I Cancel Services? 

Follow these steps to complete the Account Closure Request form to close your account:

  1. Login to Paycor.
  2. At the top click Get Help and then select Paycor Support Center
  3. When the Paycor Support Center appears, at the top-right, click your name and then select My Support Profile.
  4. On the left side of the screen under Account Actions, click Close Paycor Account. The Closing Paycor Account screen appears.
  5. In the Account Closure section, complete all required fields and then click Next.

What to expect:

  • Thank you for completing this form! This process results in the accurate and timely closure of your account.
  • You will receive a confirmation message and email notification that your request has been received by Paycor.
  • If our team has additional questions, we will contact you. 

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Give feedback about this article
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